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513_002-PL-001 - Site Location Map

1832-P-100-Basement Plan

1832-P00-Ground Floor

1832-P-200-South and West Elevation

1832-P01-First Floor

1832-P-201-North and East Elevation 

1832-P-002-Site Layout

1832-P-202-Existing and Proposed Street Elevation

1832-P02-Second Floor

1832-P-300-Section AA

1832-P-003-Land Ownership Plan

1832-P-301-Section BB


1832-P-302-Section CC

1832-P-004-Taking in Charge Plan

1832-P-303-Section DD

1832-A-P-06-Sixth Floor

1832-P-304-Section EE

1832-A-P-07-Seventh floor

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