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ABP-312266_21 ABP Notification Letter

Part V Costs Monastery Road

CDS21005507 Confirmation Of Feasibility

Statement of Design Acceptance - PCE 03-08-2022

Part V Validation Letter

Community Social Infrastructure Audit

Draft Section 47 BTR Legal Agreement

Childcare Provision Assessment

IBIS SHD Application Form

IBIS SHD Community Social Infrastructure Audit

IBIS SHD Newspaper Notice

IBIS SHD EIA Screening Report and Section 229 Statement

IBIS SHD Site Notice

Material Contravention Statement

Letter of consent South Dublin County Council

IBIS SHD Planning Statement

Letter to An Bord Pleanala

IBIS SHD Statement of Consistency

Letter to South Dublin County Council

IBIS SHD Statement of Response to ABP Notice of Opinion

Letters to Prescribed Bodies

IBIS SHD Application List of Documents, Maps, Plans, Drawings

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